Who are we?

We are students from different corners of this country… technicians, medicals, philosophers, teachers… artists, athlethes… stoics, cholerics, melancholics and sanguines… protestants, catholics

There are many differences, but there is something that connects us altogether… the faith in Jesus Christ.

What do we believe in?
In the 21st century, we believe in the Trinity God. We believe in God, that wants to have a relationship with every human being. We believe, that Bible is a true word of God actual for this time.

We believe, that this is a reality in the 21st century.


We do have meetings every week, you can find more information in the calendar. At every meeting there you can be a part of: thinking about word of God, talking each to other, praying, worshiping the God etc.

You can get more informations from Samuel Čížkovský: sam.ciz@gmail.com